Aircraft have been used for decades in agriculture, but now with unmanned drones we can accomplish many tasks at a fraction of the cost and risk. Cherry drying, frost abatement, spraying, and seed spreading are all possible with the HoverCrane.  Recurring flight routes are easy with GPS flight plans.  Call us today to discuss your needs.


The HoverCrane is ideal for search and rescue operations, locating people in distress and delivering life-saving materials.
When every second counts, HoverCrane’s rapid deployment, advanced imaging cameras, and payload delivery mean more lives saved. Imagine being able to rapidly deliver flotation devices in water rescues, or medical supplies, clothing, food and water to someone stranded in the mountains. The possibilities are exciting and it’s all available now.

The HoverCrane’s rugged construction, premium components and heavy-lift capabilities make it ideal for fighting fire and police work. Drones can be deployed within just a few minutes and take minimal resources compared to helicopters, making them an efficient and affordable tool for municipalities.  HoverCranes are built in America.  Ask us about NDAA compliance.


Placing a haywire and skyline in rugged terrain is dangerous and expensive.
A HoverCrane can reduce time and cost while improving safety and production, turning a multi-day job into just hours.  In addition, HoverCrane will move tools and equipment safely.  They’re perfect for spreading seed while reducing waste and saving time, and for delivering incendiary devices for back-burns safely and accurately.  Let’s discuss ideas and customizations.


The HoverCrane can be available at a moment’s notice for moving tools and materials
to areas with limited access, whether it’s a fenced backyard or a multi-level building.  Custom on-board cages, grapples, and long-lines can be built for any application.  Contact us today to talk about the possiblities.